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Can We Save Our Oceans?


Autodesk | Coral Maker

Role | Colourist & Editor

With Autodesk's collaboration, Coral Maker innovated affordable, local coral reef skeleton production using existing masonry techniques and reclaimed materials. This method signifies a remarkable stride towards effective coral reef restoration.

Vogue | Czechoslovakia

Role | Colourist & Editor 

As part of the August Issue, the theme being The Body and beyond, celebrating not only to the body, but also to everything that transcends its boundaries.

LinkedIn | Greenhouse

Role | Colourist & Editor

New York-based software developer Greenhouse delivers HR and hiring solutions. With LinkedIn Sales Solutions, Greenhouse has seen an 88% increase in revenue generated since the inception of their program.

Wingstop | Cardiff

Role | Videographer & Colourist

Step into the sizzling world of Wingstop, bringing in exclusive video coverage of the highly anticipated launch of the new chain restaurant in the heart of Cardiff.

Logitech | BETT

Role | Editor & Videographer

Logitech asked us to capture their involvement at the BETT event, the very front of the education technology. Bringing together educators from across the entire education landscape, leading EdTech companies and suppliers and some of the most exciting, innovative SMEs & startups.

Tetra Pak | Carton recycling

Role | Editor & Producer Assitant 

Carton recyclability can feel like a complex topic. In this short video Tetra Pak's Sustainability Manager, Awantika Chadha, explains how considering the recyclability of our packaging can help to achieve a circular economy.

BBC New Creatives | Dinah

Role | Director/scriptwriter

A runaway slave from 1687 & an African exchange student collide in present-day Bristol, a city forced to re-address its legacy after pulling down the Colston statue


An award-winning and international, 1st class 2019 graduate filmmaker from the University of the West of England. Through my experience in the industry, I have taken up roles as a writer, director, editor, DOP, and photographer.


I enjoy experimenting so my work covers a wide range of subjects, styles, and techniques. These experiences have allowed me to develop and acquire a strong set of skills in which I am able to present and communicate my ideas, take creative risks, and strengthen my leadership within the industry.


My aim is to continue to produce work focused on current affairs, commercial and cooperate content. 


Tel: +44 7988613839
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